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You’re probably wondering how conscious dating is different from just…dating. I get it…”conscious” seems to be a popular term in modern life and if you’re not familiar with what it means, you may have (at the very least) come across it if you shop at H&M like moi. H&M have a Conscious Collection that is all about sustainable fashion. Now I digress, but this should give you an idea about what the term “conscious” means and how it relates to love.

To put it simply, dating consciously means to make mindful, intentional decisions about how you date. It’s a commitment to deeply understanding your soul and psyche and how it shows up for you in the dating process. It means being self-aware of your own BS, being brave enough to heal your past wounding and cultivating a deep connection to your self-worth and incorporating self-love as part of your lifestyle.

Dating consciously is a challenge to your soul to step up and be not just YOURSELF, but your WHOLE AND BEST SELF. It gives you the opportunity to view your potential life partners differently. Instead of falling prey to the conditioning of dating games, it allows you to view potential partners as an equal, rather than acting out of fear or insecurity. For example, you would reframe and view “How can I get him to commit to me?” to “Does this person add value to my life? Are we a good fit for each other?” 

Here are some reflective pieces to help you step into dating consciously:

Conscious dating is a hugely rewarding process. It gives you the opportunity to connect with the deepest part of yourself, which means that when you attract a life partner, he or she is going to be a reflection of that. When you connect with a partner by being authentically you, you allow into your life a deeply sustaining and equal partnership that lasts.

 And isn’t that all we really want? 


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