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Does Your Home or Business Space Feel 'Off'?

You might be surprised to learn that we are attracted to properties that are a vibrational match to us.

When a property doesn’t feel right, it could be due to a variety of factors, including:

You Home Should Be Your Sanctuary

I always recommend a Property Clearing and Realignment for clients who order a Soul Realignment® and Clearing?

Following a Soul Realignment®, you change vibrationally and can become misaligned with your property. Clients who are particularly sensitive may have trouble adjusting to their home environment, and it can take some time for this to settle.

Getting a property realignment at the same time as your Soul Realignment® will give you the best outcome for success and help you move into a new energetic space quickly and comfortably. You can purchase a Soul and Property Realignment® Bundle for a lower price.

You may also need a property clearing if your home feels ‘off’. This may show up as unexplained disturbances, feeling uncomfortable or scared in your home, like you’re being watched or having things constantly go wrong. You may have issues with your relationships, sleep and work. Children and pets are often the first to pick up on energetic misalignments and can be very sensitive to them. 


Your Place of Business Should Be Inviting To Others

Equally as important as your home is your place of business. The energy of your business should be inviting and receptive to the energy of others. This is what will nurture and sustain your business.

The energy of your business premises might be compromised due to the same reasons as a place of residence. However, a lot of business premises also hold the energy of negativity from other competitors. This can affect the prosperity of the business and also how open it is to receiving clients.

What To Expect From A Property Clearing

The property clearing and realignment will occur distantly, so I don’t need physical access to your home or business.

You must have energetic ownership of the property, i.e. paying rent or a mortgage on the property. If your office or home is within a building (such as an apartment block), clearing can only be done for your part of the property and not the entire building or common areas. Property clearing can also be completed for a short-term holiday rental or hotel room that you have paid for.

You will receive a short PDF Report outlining the information that comes up during your Property Realignment and Clearing. This will be delivered straight to your inbox on the date of your choosing.

If you purchase a Soul Realignment® and Property Clearing bundle, you will receive both reports by your chosen date.


The property clearing and realignment will check for and clear:


"The issues we were having in our house stopped..and my business finally broke its drought"

We were having numerous issues in our new home. Our 2 year old was ‘seeing’ things and we kept having what felt like unexpected things go wrong. My online business had also come to a standstill and I couldn’t work out why. I knew of Sonia from the online business world and reached out to see if she could complete a property clearing for us. She found a number of problems including our home being a sacred site, which she explained could cause issues with the building and also attracting clients. Within a week of the clearing, our house felt different. My son wasn’t afraid of the invisible presence anymore and my online store made several sales. So far so good with the house, we haven’t encountered any further issues. I’m very grateful for Sonia’s help since my husband and I were stressed to the max. It’s a relief to feel like we can breathe again.

Bring The Peace Back....Order Your Clearing Now

Property Clearing
and Realignment

$ 121

Soul Realignment® &
Property Clearing Bundle (SAVE $30)

$ 399

Bring The Peace Back...Order Your Clearing Now

Property Clearing

$ 121
  • A short PDF report delivered straight to your inbox on the date of your choosing.

Soul Realignment® &
Property Clearing Bundle

$ 399
  • Two reports delivered to your inbox on the date of your choosing. These will include your Soul Realignment Reading Report (13-20 pages) and your Property Clearing Report (up to 3 pages).

Soul Realignment® &
Property Clearing Bundle

$ 499
  • A 60-75 min Zoom video call where I take you through the details of your readings giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and dive deeper into any aspect.

    The same in-depth PDF reports will be delivered to your inbox straight after our session.

DISCLAIMER: On the rare occasion, a Soul may deny access to its record once I commence a reading. This may occur if the Soul is undergoing development in the astral realms or wishes not to be read at that point in time, even if a client has given permission for the reading to occur on the physical plane. In this instance, an immediate refund will be provided to you as the reading will not be able to continue. Length of reports will vary depending on what your Akashic Record reveals at this point in your incarnation.