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Soul Love Sessions

tell me more, Sonia...

Online Soul Love Sessions

What is this sorcery, you ask? It’s nothing but energy, lovely one. We’re all expressions of energy in different states of vibration. Here’s the thing. What you’re able to manifest in your life is a reflection of your current energetic state and the vibes you’re projecting into the Universe. 

So your difficulty attracting a new partner? Poor self-worth? Struggling through trauma? Or that anxiety you get? It’s merely a sign that there’s some energy shifting and clearing needed. Energy work is deeply powerful and transformative. 

Each Soul Love Session is held online via Zoom video call. Something as magnificent and intangible as energy doesn’t respond to our human concept of time and geography. What this means is that I can manipulate your energy from anywhere in the world (only with your permission of course!).

Check out more testimonials and FAQs further down the page.

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Dawn's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

"I don't know how this is possible when I'm in the US and you're in Australia"

During the majority of the session, I felt tingling in my mouth and face around my mouth. I also felt a lot of pressure inside my inner ear area and behind my eyes along with tingling in my chest. I saw 2 giant arms comforting me like a child and picking me up. You are truly gifted. Thank you, I feel so positive and enlightened after this experience.

Let's Make Your Energy Shine!

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"Not only is Sonia very knowledgeable, but she has a great natural instinct and emotional intelligence for the challenges people face"

I highly recommend everyone to do sessions with Sonia as a means of coping with the stresses of daily life and past experiences. Appointments with Sonia are extremely calming and healing.

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how did i get here?

I Was Born Into A Mystical Family...

Friday nights at my house were meditation circle night (yuh-huh!). I grew up having many psychic experiences… ghosties, past lives and everything spiritual felt as natural to my soul as breathing air. I’ve spent many years learning #allthethings spiritual. In 2015, I found myself bruised and half-naked outside my ex-boyfriend’s apartment (in the middle of the night). You can read more about that story on my About Page. The culmination of my awful AF dating history led me on a different life trajectory. As with most spiritual healers, I had big lessons to learn in life around the concept of love. I found myself delving deep into personal development and healing to come out the other side a completely different person. I quit my corporate job and merged my background in Psychology with a certification in coaching, a Reiki Mastership and my natural psychic talents into this wonderful brew that is now my business.


"If you feel any doubts about a distance session, please be assured that Sonia's abilities aren't limited by distance in any way and are just as effective as in person"

I had a strong feeling that my baby needed a healing session due to trauma around his birth and time in the NICU. At the end of the session, I was blown away. Sonia’s findings were particularly relevant to me right now and she provided incredibly specific insights into his time in the womb, his sleeping issues and also his ancestral line and current protection. I can’t recommend Sonia enough. She approaches everything with such warmth, love, empathy, compassion and authenticity. She is so gentle yet clear with the guidance she gives. She is incredibly gifted and I am so blessed that my son was able to communicate to me through her. Some psychics’ aims seem to be mainly focused on proving that they are indeed psychic, and they just come up with random facts that aren’t helpful. This is not the case with Sonia. Her background in psychology and coaching means that her readings/healing are actually incredibly helpful. 


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Who This Is For

Energy healing is for anyone who needs a little (or a lot) of support, healing or just a little pep-me-up. Here are some things it can help with:


"My experience with Sonia was fantastic to say the least ."

I had been going through some personal challenges that left me feeling stressed, anxious and very unlike myself. During my session, Sonia used her intuitive gifts and picked up on some areas that I need to work on really giving me some guidance as to what I need to do to look after myself after our healing session. So far I’m feeling more calm and at ease, and less stressed and anxious. Much love to Sonia and her amazing gifts x

Amanda's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

what else?

What To Expect

Our session together begins with an unfolding of where in your life you might need support. I’ll then tap into your energy field and start working on clearing any blockages within your body based on the psychic information I receive. I use Reiki as a base along with help from my Light Beings team. You’ll receive energy healing along with psychic guidance from the Light Beings I work with on how to maximise your healing. Each session is intuitively led and personalised based on your needs. I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions for sustainable, long-term changes. Yes, you do need to be on Video Call while we chat but then you get to lie down and relax out of sight while I work on you distantly before we regroup for the downlow on what I’ve found.

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Tamara's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! She's made BIG steps today ."

It is what we needed so much. Just wanted to share my gratitude with you….have a wonderful night and blessings to you.

Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

"Sonia has an amazing gift for intuitive healing and channeling"

My session with Sonia was AMAZING. I booked in with her to help with my debilitating morning sickness. She was gentle, intuitive and I felt the effects of our session straight away. She helped me uncover some hidden blocks surrounding my pregnancy and motherhood and helped me to start to clear them. I’ll be seeing Sonia again and book in with her for regular sessions throughout my pregnancy.

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Ready to start healing?

Choose the one-off session or save when you buy in full!


You've got questions? We have answers!

Nope. While I’m a Reiki healer based in Sydney, Australia, I don’t do in-person healing sessions any longer. And trust me, I get LOTS of requests for this.

Why? Because as an energy medicine practitioner, I care about YOUR best interests. I know that energy work is incredibly powerful, even if we aren’t in the same room.

In fact, it’s better when we’re not because you aren’t distracted by things like your parking running out, being uncomfortable in your work clothes, needing to pee etc. 

When we’re in our individual spaces, the only focus is YOU and ENERGY. Every single testimonial you see on my website is for online energy work. 

When you book a session, you’ll be prompted to pick a date and time based on my calendar availability. You’ll receive a confirmation email that will include a Zoom Video Call link. All you have to do is make sure you have Zoom installed and click that link at our designated time slot. I recommend doing so 5 minutes before our session in case of technical difficulties.

If you’ve booked a Soul Love Bundle, please book a time for your first appointment. You will receive a personalised code within 24-48 hours which will allow you to book your remaining 3 appointments.

Make sure you’re in a comfortable and quiet place. This is a sacred time for YOU and you alone. You’ll need access to your phone/laptop for our video chat, which you can just place to the side when I’m working on you but close enough to get to once I advise that we’re done with the healing session. I recommend making the space relaxing with some Spotify tunes or candles if you feel called to.

The most important thing is that you will be relaxed in your own space, so if you come on the call in your PJs or trackies, that is TOTALLY fine. 

That depends. People vary in their ability to feel energy. You may feel something in the first session but absolutely nothing in your second. Your experience is entirely dependent on how open you are and your energetic state on the day of your session. Most people get tingling sensations and a feeling of calm and peace. A lot of people get emotional. There is no right or wrong response. If you don’t feel anything on the day, it doesn’t mean the session isn’t working. You’ll likely see a flowthrough of the session’s effects over the coming days, whether you feel emotions come up to be cleared or a shifting of situations in your life.

I deeply believe in the work I do and the results I’ve supported clients in achieving. Energy work will always enhance your life. However, as with anything, you can’t expect miracles in one session. Energy work is best when it’s a stacked process, i.e. I see best long-term, sustainable results in about 4-6 sessions, depending on your issue.

Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds.

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