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Hey Girl, I'm Sonia!

I’m a Conscious Love Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer and Psychic Channel here to help big-hearted single women (like YOU!) tap into your Inner Goddess and become a magnet for deeply fulfilling, conscious relationships…without the crippling overwhelm and “how-the-f-do-i-do-this” syndrome.

My work was borne out of my own healing journey with love and relationships. Being part of a mystic family, I started expanding my natural intuitive gifts and before I knew it, I found myself combining my background in Psychology with a bunch of Coaching and a whole lot of WOO.

My focus was on general healing and trauma in the early part of my biz but over time, I realised I was seeing a pattern of all these beautiful, heart-centred women struggling with the same thing – LOVE.

I felt SO passionately about helping women tap into this BIG LOVE, which is why I make the decision to shift the focus of my business.

What do I know about love? Lemme tell you a thing or two…

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Sometime in 2015 (in the middle of the night), I found myself lying half-naked outside my ex's apartment...

I’d just found out that my “boyfriend” was a closeted sex addict and narcissist. While my gut always told me something was wrong, my heart wanted to trust and I allowed myself to be manipulated. Him being caught out resulted in an episode of domestic assault…cue dramatic headline above.

The thing is, this one night was just a culmination of my toxic dating history. It was well known amongst my friends that I had a long list of past relationships and dating “situations” with bad boys. I was looking for love in all the wrong places and because I was always seeking love and approval externally, I was never able to express myself authentically within a relationship…meaning it was always doomed to FAIL.

There are only so many times the Universe will try to teach you a lesson until you just don’t get it and she has to knock you on the head like this ☝🏽 

Enough was enough. I DECIDED that things had to change.


After diving deep into my self-healing journey, I attracted my soul partner. Within 2 years, we were married.


"In her beautifully authentic and attentive way, Sonia held space for me and helped me make connections that I hadn't been able to see on my own"

She helped me get super clear on the changes I wanted to make and supported me when navigating the bumps along the way. She held me accountable in the most supportive way when I veered off track. I have completely loved my coaching series with Sonia, she is amazing!

  • Michelle, Team Leader, QLD

attract your soul aligned partner

The No. 1 Question My Single Girlfriends Still Ask Me is "How Did You Do It?"

They knew I’d done a lot of “work” on myself but had no idea what that was. Here’s the thing I learned through a lot of trial and error:

Love is a state of BEING, not DOING.

I am married to the kindest, most beautiful soul. He’s a man who has my back, who loves me unconditionally and for the first time in my life, I can say with conviction that I’m in an EQUAL partnership. No saving each other or unrealistic expectations of relationships. Just PURE LOVE.

Your next step

Ready to attract the love you deserve?

If I can do this, you can too. Know how? I’ve pulled together all my knowledge around self-healing, psychology, coaching and combined that goodness with the magic of WOO to bring you this done-for-you process so you can take matters into your own hands and heal your love life.


Love Unlocked

This 3 month private coaching program is designed for the woman who is ready to overcome unhealthy love patterns and tap into her Inner Goddess to attract a soulmate relationship!

energy healing

Soul Love Sessions

Each online healing session will clear your energy field, balance your chakras and release the energetic imprint of past relationships so you have space to attract and receive new love.



Check out the latest on the blog. With posts about all things love, conscious dating, self-healing and learning to lean into your Inner Goddess, you’ll be in that soulmate relationship in no time!