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"From the very first session with Sonia, I felt such an overwhelming, positive shift. After three sesssions now, I can honestly say that Sonia has been amazing and has made such a significant change to my life, in only positive ways."

During the energy healing and Reiki sessions, a few things have come to light which we both didn’t expect, but made the time with Sonia even more incredibly and made me realise the reach of her gift. Sonia has taught me how to trust my own intuition more and develop it further. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the energy healing, but it has had so many positive effects on me. I recommend Sonia to anyone feeling stuck or in need of healing and guidance. She is so kind, her nature is beautiful and makes you feel so welcome.

Hear Jules speak about how transformative coaching
and energy work was for her

After going through a separation from a long marriage and moving to a new home, Jules started working with me to help her through this transitionary period. She suffered from significant anxiety, particularly around whether she’d made the right decision and how she would cope being single. She also struggled with needing to seek validation externally, poor self-worth and lacked a sense of identity. Through this process, she has found herself again, no longer suffers severe anxiety, has improved her relationship with her children, is enjoying building a new life of her own and is looking forward to being single until such time that she is ready to enter a relationship again now that she has a clear idea of who her ideal partner is.

"After 5 years of dating unavailable guys, I am so pleased to be in a relationship with a committed man"

I hadn’t realised I was sabotaging my love life by making myself available to guys who couldn’t give me what I needed. Working with Sonia has been eye-opening and revealed blind spots that seem obvious when I look back now. I just couldn’t see it because I was in the thick of it all. I’m incredibly lucky to have found Sonia online. I genuinely cannot recommend her highly enough.

"In her beautifully authentic and attentive way, Sonia held space for me and helped me make connections that I hadn't been able to see on my own"

She helped me get super clear on the changes I wanted to make and supported me when navigating the bumps along the way. She held me accountable in the most supportive way when I veered off track. I have completely loved my coaching series with Sonia, she is amazing!

"Okay...this was eye-opening! I presumed I knew what I wanted but I didn't!"

I came to realise while working through the exercises that my wants in a relationship were very different to what I was accepting. I also found the meditation highly emotional because it highlighted how uncomfortable I was in myself…but after a couple of weeks, I certainly noticed a difference in my confidence levels. I had a really great healing session with Sonia in recent months so it was a bonus that the meditation included Reiki healing. 


"If you feel any doubts about a distance session, please be assured that Sonia's abilities aren't limited by distance in any way and are just as effective as in person"

I had a strong feeling that my baby needed a healing session due to trauma around his birth and time in the NICU. At the end of the session, I was blown away. Sonia’s findings were particularly relevant to me right now and she provided incredibly specific insights into his time in the womb, his sleeping issues and also his ancestral line and current protection. I can’t recommend Sonia enough. She approaches everything with such warmth, love, empathy, compassion and authenticity. She is so gentle yet clear with the guidance she gives. She is incredibly gifted and I am so blessed that my son was able to communicate to me through her. Some psychics’ aims seem to be mainly focused on proving that they are indeed psychic, and they just come up with random facts that aren’t helpful. This is not the case with Sonia. Her background in psychology and coaching means that her readings/healing are actually incredibly helpful. 

"My relationships are improving - with
myself included!"

I can’t thank you enough, Sonia. Our coaching has changed my life in so many ways. I now have a sense of calm and faith in the future. I feel really positive, happy and excited about things to come. My relationships have improved – with myself included! I’m trusting myself and my intuition more and enjoying life again.

Nicole's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Amanda's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

"My experience with Sonia was fantastic to say the least"

I had been going through some personal challenges that left me feeling stressed, anxious and very unlike myself. During my session, Sonia used her intuitive gifts and picked up on some areas I need to work on, really giving me some guidance as to what I need to do to look after myself after our healing session. So far, I’m feeling more calm and at ease and less stressed and anxious. Much love to Sonia and her amazing gifts.

"Sonia has an amazing gift for intuitive healing and channelling'

My session with Sonia was AMAZING. I booked in with her to help with my debilitating morning sickness. She was gentle, intuitive and I felt the effects of our session straight away. She helped me uncover some hidden blocks surrounding my pregnancy and motherhood and helped me start to clear them. I’ll be seeing Sonia again for Reiki and book in with her for regular sessions throughout my pregnancy.

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Nikki's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

"Sonia is wonderful. A kind, compassionate and intuitive reiki healer"

I come to her because of debilitating anxiety and stress, and always feel better after her sessions and guidance. Sonia is a wonderful person to have in your corner and I look forward to all my future reiki sessions.

"Sonia's warmth and understanding have helped me see my blockages and her practical tools helps me manage how I respond to things'

She has been a wonderful teacher and coach for me in recent months, guiding me through meditation, spirituality and general wellbeing. She is so supportive and gentle in her guidance. I leave each session feeling appreciative and with greater clarity.

Hester's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Tamara's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! She's made BIG steps today."

It is what we needed so much. Just wanted to share my gratitude with you….have a wonderful night and blessings to you.

"I don't know how this is possible when I'm in the US and you're in Australia"

During the majority of the session, I felt tingling in my mouth and face around my mouth. I also felt a lot of pressure inside my inner ear area and behind my eyes along with tingling in my chest. I saw 2 giant arms comforting me like a child and picking me up. You are truly gifted. Thank you, I feel so positive and enlightened after this experience.

Dawn's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
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"Not only is Sonia very knowledgeable, but she has a great natural instinct and emotional intelligence for the challenges people face"

I highly recommend everyone to do sessions with Sonia as a means of coping with the stresses of daily life and past experiences. Appointments with Sonia are extremely calming and healing.

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Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor
Confidential Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

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