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Choosing a life partner is one of the most important things you’ll ever do and yet most don’t invest enough time and commitment to the process of evaluating if he fits the bill. The key foundation of any successful relationship begins with creating the right building blocks so that you can avoid heartache and wasting time on the wrong men. Get started on the path to love with this Relationship Reset Roadmap, designed to help you create those strong foundations so you can successfully attract your soulmate relationship!


"Okay...this was eye-opening! I presumed I knew what I wanted but I didn't!"

I came to realise while working through the exercises that my wants in a relationship were very different to what I was accepting. I also found the meditation highly emotional because it highlighted how uncomfortable I was in myself…but after a couple of weeks, I certainly noticed a difference in my confidence levels. I had a really great healing session with Sonia in recent months so it was a bonus that the meditation included Reiki healing. 

Here's what you'll get


Get clear on your value system so you can evaluate if potential partners have core values that match yours.


Create your big picture vision for your relationship. Identify your non-negotiables and your personal relationship rules.


Use this powerful guided medi (infused with Reiki energy for extra oomph!) to help you skyrocket your self-worth.

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"I kept referring to the workbooks to make sure I was being honest with myself and I practiced the worthiness exercise regularly in the first few weeks of dating him'

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