If you’re wondering what on earth the Akashic Records are, well…you’re in the right place. I’m about to break it all down for you, along with why you should really, really get a Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading and Clearing at least once in your life! You see, most of us forget that first and foremost, we’re a soul – a soul that is inhabiting a human body and having a human experience on this wonderful place we call Earth. Your soul has likely had many incarnations here (and potentially other places in the galaxy). Understanding your soul’s journey since it came to be,  the relationships it’s had and the karmic choices it’s made, can help you heal and thrive in this lifetime.

Think of the records as a huge energetic filing cabinet that holds information about your soul’s journey. It holds information about every single lifetime you’ve had. It’s a record of every choice you’ve made, event you’ve encountered and memory you’ve created as a soul over all your lifetimes. It doesn’t only hold information for our souls but also for animal souls, physical properties and events that have happened in the world. It’s quite a fascinating space and it can tell you some really cool things!

The Akashic Records can reveal many a secret including:

This is your dominant gift and the way you best express yourself in this lifetime. It can also be used to influence career and lifestyle choices that will help you thrive.

Most of us belong to a Soul Group of Origin. A Soul Group is the star group that your soul originated in. I say most as there are some souls who have chosen not to incarnate into any particular Soul Group. There are also variations to chosen Soul Groups; for example, your soul may have originated in one group but decided to move to another and now resonates with that one instead. Knowing your Soul Group of Origin can explain a lot about yourself. Each group has certain characteristics that broadly define them. Learning about your Soul Group can really validate who you are. For example, you may finally understand why you love water but don’t want to swim in it, or why you hate cities and can only tolerate living in open spaces.

Certain decisions you’ve made in previous lifetimes could still be affecting you now, particularly if you were engaged in spiritual contracts, or are still energetically connected to other souls because of vows you made in previous lives. You could also have experienced traumatic experiences for which the same energetic patterning is showing up in your life today. Ya know when you feel like something keeps happening in your life over and over again and you have no explanation for it? THAT could be because of this 👆🏽

Not everyone’s information can be located in the records. First and foremost, a reader cannot access your record without your express permission. You can also seek to have the record of a loved one accessed on their behalf under certain circumstances. This can be incredibly helpful if you want to understand your partner or child better or help heal any unresolved grief around a deceased relative. On the rare occasion, a soul’s record may not be accessible despite them providing permission to do so. This is often because the soul may be undergoing shifts in the higher dimensions and so does not want to be accessed at that point in time. It can also happen if a client gives permission but is consciously or subconsciously unsure if they want a reading.

In a Soul Realignment reading, you’ll get the information I’ve highlighted above but you’ll also find out:

The point of difference between the two is that an Akashic Record Reading provides you with a whole bunch of information but it doesn’t help you clear the blockages that are showing up in the now so that you can create the life you want. It may make you feel validated and understood but where does one go from there? And if you know me, you’ll know that while I LOVE the WOO, I’m alllll about bringing that into our practical, everyday lives. 

With a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing, you get a clearing of all the not-so-nice things that are holding you back based on the intention of what you wish to create in the following 6 months in your life. 

You see, when our Soul was first created by Divine Source, each of us had an original Divine Soul Blueprint which is really who we are designed to be and how we’re meant to express ourselves in life. Over time and based on the choices we make over many lifetimes and the karma we create, we diverge from that Blueprint…the further away we are from our Blueprint, the harder it is for us to create the life we truly want. Soul Realignment helps to clear these blocks and restrictions, and realign you back to that original Blueprint…hence the name! 

That alone isn’t enough for transformation…a reading and clearing can reveal where you might be holding yourself back and how to make different choices that are more aligned with who you are at Soul level. 

This work is life changing and transformational! You will have a deeper understanding of who you are but also how you have created patterns and blockages in your life over time. 

The information you receive will likely create lots of aha moments and explain some of your “weirdness” that you’ve always wondered about! This reading is all about empowering you and helping you understand that you have the ability to create change in your life and it shows you exactly how to do it based on your unique expression of strengths and characteristics. 

You’ll also receive a clearing of any blocks that are holding you back right now, which is really what will help you supercharge the process of manifesting what you want in life.


Disclaimer: Soul Realignment is a modality owned by Andrrea Hess. I am a student of her work and a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner.

How The Akashic Records Can Transform You Life: Unveil Your Purpose, Discover Your Unique Gifts & Manifest Your Wildest Dreams How The Akashic Records Can Transform You Life: Unveil Your Purpose, Discover Your Unique Gifts & Manifest Your Wildest Dreams How The Akashic Records Can Transform You Life: Unveil Your Purpose, Discover Your Unique Gifts & Manifest Your Wildest Dreams How The Akashic Records Can Transform You Life: Unveil Your Purpose, Discover Your Unique Gifts & Manifest Your Wildest Dreams