We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…and then we return home.”

– Australian Aboriginal Proverb

I felt compelled to write a post about past lives after a recent Soul Love Session I had with a client where a past life came up because it was affecting her current relationship.

If you believe in the concept of having a soul (and if you’re wondering, you most certainly do have one!), then you’ll also likely be aware of the concept of reincarnation.

I’ve been fascinated with past lives since I was a child and have had many flashbacks of my previous lives from a young age. You see, our souls are infinite. We are always growing and learning about our true essence. 

When we incarnate on Earth, we’ve often already had many past lives and carry energy from our previous lives into our current incarnation. This can occur because of situations we haven’t resolved in previous lifetimes, or due to vows, oaths and promises you made in previous lives that don’t actually serve you in this lifetime.

In one of my past lives, I was a nun in 1849 (yeah, totally laughable now, I know ). This particular past life comes up clearly for me because of its impact on my life today. I’ve always been drawn to the energy in old churches, particularly in Europe. 

Despite this, I don’t feel a sense of religious affiliation but rather an immense connection to the energy of being in service. I also often work with the energy of Ascended Master, Mother Mary in the Soul Love Sessions that I offer.

I took many vows as a nun, including vows of poverty, chastity and being of service to humanity. I wouldn’t say these were negative decisions I made but merely what served me in that lifetime. 

However, the energy of those vows carried through with me into this lifetime. This meant that money wasn’t easy for me to hold on to because I was still carrying the energy of poverty. The vow of chastity manifested as issues with reproductivity. 

The energy from these vows were showing up as energy blockages in my root chakra (safety, finances, abundance) and sacral chakra (creativity, creation, sexuality). These blockages and vows had to be cleared so that I could call in what I wanted in this lifetime.

Let’s talk about some signs which could indicate your past lives are affecting your current love life. It’s important to keep in mind that potential past life interference is not an excuse for avoiding inner work in this lifetime. 

In a Soul Love Session, I’ll only be guided to a past life if it is affecting you in your current lifetime and if your soul is ready to clear it at that point in time. 

You may be relating to someone who is in your soul group. Soulmates aren’t necessarily partners we end up with for life. Soulmates are souls we have contracts with who are here to facilitate a certain purpose in our lives. Your soul group relates to a group of souls you incarnate with through many lifetimes who help you learn life lessons.

For example, you may be with someone who cheats on you constantly but you continue to remain in a relationship with them. You feel a deep sense of guilt around leaving them even though they treat you badly. You could potentially have had a past life with this person. 

Say you were this person’s mother in a previous life. Your child died in a horrible accident because you weren’t watching them when you were meant to. You could be carrying the energy of that guilt into this lifetime. If your past life child is your partner in this lifetime, you would find it difficult to leave him, even if he wasn’t treating you well.

Ever find yourself in the same situations where you know you’re self-sabotaging but don’t know why? For example, you meet someone really nice and everything goes well but then you shut off emotionally. It happens repeatedly with different people but you can’t work out why you do it. If you’ve done the inner work but can’t pinpoint a logical reason, you may be carrying past life energy.

I’ll take an example from one of my client sessions to explain this. My beautiful client had a past life come up in our session together where she was a high ranking leader in an army. Her job required her to shut off emotionally in order to survive and stay clear of mind to keep her army alive. It was manifesting in her current relationship as a strong, illogical desire to remain in control and shut down emotionally when things got tough. 

Clearing that past life meant big breakthroughs in her relationship that she wouldn’t have been able to call in otherwise.

You could have a past life which needs clearing if you find yourself manifesting uncanny patterns in your relationships. Let’s take the below example which is loosely based on one of my client sessions.

You’re a successful businesswoman. You married a man who spent a lot of your money without your knowing. You separate, recover emotionally and feel like you’ve learnt any lessons you needed to about this experience. You meet someone new and he doesn’t display any red flags. After some time you remarry but within a year of marrying him, you lose all your money in a business deal and declare bankruptcy. 

The underlying pattern manifests as having to choose between love or money. You can’t seem to have both. Say you were married to someone in a past life and you came from a rich family while he didn’t. You had to choose between having money or love.  You chose love but lived poorly. The energetic pattern of not being able to have both money and love is threaded through your energetic imprint and will need clearing.

Past lives are fascinating and can give you so much insight into who you are today. I recommend any book by Brian Weiss and “Old Souls” by Tom Schroder if you want to expand your knowledge around past lives.

Energy and spiritual work can be incredibly life-changing, which is why it’s a huge part of my coaching programs! It’s also why I get the results I do for my clients.

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Can Your Past Lives Affect Your Current Love Life?