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Ditch feeling not good enough. Supercharge your happiness. Master the secret to successful relationships.

now is your time

You're at breaking point.

You know things can't keep going the same way...but you don't know what the next step is...or how to have the courage to face it.

Let's play a game. Yell out "BINGO!" when you hit the truth👇🏽

Everything seems A-OK on paper, but you’ve never felt so alone. Technically, you SHOULD be happy but there’s a sense of emptiness in your heart. You have a love-hate relationship with dating apps and you’re sick of attracting the wrong type of guy. You’re frustrated and tired of heartbreak and disappointment. What’s the point if you haven’t got someone to “do life” with? Someone who’s got your back. Someone who you can have deep and meaningful convos with who also isn’t going to judge you when you eat that extra slice of cake. Well, he’ll totally judge you but he’ll also grab a fork and join you. You’re READY to find your person.

You’re questioning your relationship or transitioning out of one. You feel lost, let down, low on self-belief. You’re asking if your relationship is still salvageable. Or you wonder if you’ve made the right decision to leave. Is it terrible that you feel relief? You know you need to make changes but you don’t know where to start. It’s been a long time (possibly never) since you had your own life or lived on your own. You have no idea how to take the little steps you need to walk through this transition of life.


You’re in the throes of a new relationship and struggling to navigate it. The initial stages were soul quenching. You’d never felt so seen and heard, and you couldn’t get enough of each other. You’ve been spending more time together and as the honeymoon period transitions into the throes of a real life everyday relationship, you find yourself hitting a wobble. All of a sudden, you’re dealing with feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism, self-sabotage and you realise there’s stuff you need to heal…before your relationship combusts into flames for good.

You’re sick of trying your best to please others at your own expense. You don’t know how to express what you need. You’re always so worried about how others around you think and feel that you compromise on your own needs and desires. You know that this is evident in your romantic relationships and it’s blocking you from a real, fulfilling partnership. You try your best to please and you enjoy the validation it gives you when others show appreciation but the more you repress your own needs and desires, the more you feel the dissatisfaction building up within you…until you either internalise it and become physically sick or you have an emotional outburst because you have been sacrificing yourself…again.

You have a bad case of ‘I’m not good enough’. You’re done lacking confidence and feeling unworthy. You want to know where your feeling of ‘not good enoughness’ is coming from and get rid of it. You’re sick of the mindset loop that you get stuck in…the inner critic that tells you you’re not enough for everything you want. You compare yourself to others and feel lesser. And so you self sabotage and procrastinate, never making the changes you so deeply desire and that feel so close..but so far away at the same time. You feel yourself spiralling into a den of icky emotions where you feel like you have nothing to offer. 

You struggle with boundaries. Perhaps you’ve always been overpowered in your relationships or you have never felt safe using your voice. You’re still playing small and shrinking back. You let others cross your boundaries even if it makes you feel uncomfortable and when it all gets too hard, you hide out instead of engaging with the world. OR you’re over exerting your boundaries as a defense mechanism. You sometimes come across as aggressive, aloof and arrogant and have difficulty letting someone in. But that’s not who you REALLY are. You know that but you don’t know how to manage your boundaries healthily.

Know this.
You're in the right place at the Divinely right time.


It's 100% possible to create that life and relationship you daydream about.

So what's the secret sauce to all this?

It's YOU. Just you.

What you desire begins with you alone. You are the creator of your life and if your desires are a mismatch to the energy you’re giving out, then it’s going to be hard to attract what you want. Your energy is amplified when you can fall in love with yourself and live in alignment with your soul’s blueprint.

 The state of your ENERGY is just as important as the strategy and action it takes to create the life you want.

Which is why you might be doing #allthethings and can’t figure out where you’re going wrong with it all. It’s why this coaching program is different.

You ever notice when someone walks into a room and they just have this magnetic presence? 

That, my friends, is ENERGY.

Keep reading….

look into the future

Imagine going from Depresso Babe☝🏽to
Magnetic Babe👇🏽?

what would happen? Let me ask my crystal ball...

Your life before coaching:

Your life after coaching:


"I just wanted to share with you that I met someone! All the work you taught me helped me do things differently this time."

Nicole rship testimonial


Love Unlocked

Love Unlocked is an Energetic Life Template designed to help you slay your demons, heal your sabotaging habits & poor self worth, and unlock your inner feminine so you can transform your life and relationships quickly. 

Our work together will include teaching you worthiness, mindset and relationship skills that work today. We’ll work together to shift your ENERGY so you can receive the rapid results you desire…which will have you calling in all you desire.

You will learn to relate to others consciously, being intentional about the relationships you call in rather than just settling for whatever you can get. You’ll be deeply committed to your growth so you can attract nourishing friendships and a relationship that has longevity and continues to grow stronger over time (no 2 week fizzle outs!).

priya testimonial redacted

'After 5 years of dating unavailable guys, I am so pleased to be in a relationship with a committed man.

I hadn’t realised I was sabotaging my love life by making myself available to guys who couldn’t give me what I needed. Working with Sonia has been eye-opening and revealed blind spots that seem obvious when I look back now. I just couldn’t see it because I was in the thick of it all. I’m incredibly lucky to have found Sonia online. I genuinely cannot recommend her highly enough.

Meet Your guide

Hey, I'm Sonia!

Just a short 5 years ago, I was in your shoes. I’d spent the majority of my adult life struggling with romantic relationships. 

I had a history of toxic relationships and situationships, and a binge-worthy collection of unhealthy dating patterns. Think poor self-worth, ignoring my intuition, and a desperation to be loved and accepted. I had zero boundaries and no concept of self-love. 

Cue a life-changing event in my love life which forced me onto a path of self-healing. You can read more about that here. I turned the tables on my gnarly past and created a life I love. And now, I want to help you do it too. 

My mission in life is working with women through life’s challenges around self-love, worthiness and relationships. The more women rise, the more the world rises.

How this is going to go

What You'll Get

Love Unlocked is the first of its kind to teach you how to change your life on a physical, everyday level but also works with you to shift it on an energetic level. You’ll see shifts as you easily magnetise what you desire and what is meant for you. This program combines the WOO with practical, everyday steps so that you can incorporate change into your life without the overwhelm. Personalised to you and your life.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This coaching program is as serious as a heart attack!

Unmask your big picture vision and radically assess what needs to shift in your life to call in the life and love you are seeking

Learn how to empower yourself and create beliefs and self-talk that support the way you experience the world

Detox your relationships, identify recurring patterns and triggers, and learn how to set healthy boundaries

Learn the art of embodying your feminine so you can receive as much as you give in friendships and also in love and sex

Learn how to protect yourself from toxic relationships. You’ll receive a clearing on your chakras and clear your womb energy to make space for what you want to call into your life

Develop the crucial skills required to create a healthy, loving relationship that has space to grow over time without losing it’s depth

Discover why self-care and self-compassion is important in creating healthy relationships. Create a self-love routine, ditch comparison-itis, and develop the courage to express yourself authentically in relationships. No more “pretending” to be a certain way just to keep others interested

Build confidence to trust yourself and your decisions since it has a great influence on who you attract and allow into your life. I’ll teach you quick, practical techniques that you can use whenever and wherever you are. Nope, you don’t have to be a yogi babaji meditating psychic to do this!

How You'll Be Supported...


We’ll meet over Zoom where I’ll personally walk you through your coaching and healing series.

Facebook Group

You’ll get access to my private Facebook Group where you get to connect and learn with like-minded women.

Workbooks & audio

Access to a whole bunch of amazing workbooks, guided meditations, affirmations and other resources to help you on your journey.

Throw In A Few Bonuses! (value $1150)

Image of mobile phone texts

A $450 value


You’ll have Voxer, email or social media coaching, support and feedback (3x per week during business hours for the duration of your coaching series) from someone who has been where you are and can offer you objective, professional support.

Image of Reiki healing

A $200 value

1 x Zoom Energy Healing Session

Energy work is life changing. Just ask my clients! Having this tool will help you get to your ideal destination much faster than coaching alone. This session is additional to what is in the coaching series. You can choose to have this session up to 2 months after your coaching series ends.

Image of Meditation

A $500 value

Reiki Infused Meditations

Each guided audio that you receive as part of our coaching series is infused with Reiki healing energy. All you have to do is be willing and open to receiving healing whenever you wish to listen to it.

Your Investment: $2499

(payment plans available)


"My relationships are improving - with
myself included!"

I can’t thank you enough, Sonia. Our coaching has changed my life in so many ways. I now have a sense of calm and faith in the future. I feel really positive, happy and excited about things to come. My relationships have improved – with myself included! I’m trusting myself and my intuition more and enjoying life again.

Nicole's Testimonial for Sonia Kapur-Taylor

Is the Love Unlocked coaching program for me?

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How it works

Here’s what happens when you take the next step

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Why now is the RIGHT time?

Straight talk…there has never been a better time for you to dive deep into shifting the way you feel about yourself, your life and your relationships. 

You’re here reading this page because you’re frustrated and don’t know what to do to turn things around.

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s this. There are many things you can’t control in life but what you can control is the action you take to change your circumstances. Life doesn’t just fall in our lap. We’re co-creators of our reality…so to get what you so desire requires a bit of energy work and a bit of strategic action. One without the other isn’t going to get you results.



"In her beautifully authentic and attentive way, Sonia held space for me and helped me make connections that I hadn't been able to see on my own"

She helped me get super clear on the changes I wanted to make and supported me when navigating the bumps along the way. She held me accountable in the most supportive way when I veered off track. I have completely loved my coaching series with Sonia, she is amazing!


You've got questions? We have answers!

While I deeply believe in the coaching process, I know from my own personal experience and that of working with many, many clients that coaching combined with energy work is a POWERHOUSE combination for success. I recommend having a look through my testimonials so you can make an informed decision that is the best one for yourself.

Of course! Spirituality is accessible to everyone. While I personally work with advanced spiritual techniques as part of my work, our time together will focus on spirituality basics. If there’s one thing my clients always say is that I make spirituality practical, fun and easy to understand.

Yes, I definitely do! It’s where I started my business before finding a passion for helping women in this area. I was coming across so many beautiful clients who were struggling with relationships and self-worth. Get in touch to discuss other coaching otions. I also offer energy healing sessions which can be focused on any area of your life.

I deeply believe in the work I do and the results I’ve supported clients in achieving. I’ll guide you every step of the way, however, the outcome largely depends on you and how willing you are to show up and do the work. You can check out my Testimonials page to see what my clients say about working with me.

Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds.

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Contact Us

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I love connecting with you and and am here to answer your burning questions about Love Unlocked. You can email us directly at [email protected] to get in touch and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days.